This website is built like a game; when you will click on ‘play’, you will be put in the shoes of a young woman trying to live as peacefully as possible while facing hardships inherent to her gender. It is now a game, but this is the reality of 4 billion women on this planet. Due to the shortness of this project and its nature, we made the conscious choice to portray the rape culture that men force onto women but we acknowledge the abuses that men can face too. A dedicated page will provide further information on our approach.

//TRIGGER WARNING// our game will deal with issues of sexual assault, rape and abuse. If those assues are remotely triggering to you, please refrain from playing it.

Further information and sensibilisation


WHAT IS RAPE CULTURE? Rape culture corresponds to all the elements within our culture which excuse, justify or even encourage rape within society. By scholars, it has been described as “a complex set of beliefs that encourage male sexual aggression and supports violence against women and presents it as the norm. (…) In a rapeLire la suite « INFORMATION »

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